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  • Is Adoxy medicine?
    NO, Adoxy is a dietary supplement.
  • How does Adoxy work?
    Adoxy increases the oxygen in the water that you drink.
  • How is Adoxy different from other oxygen cell food brands?
    Adoxy transforms oxygen in the body to nascent stage (new oxygen), and absorbs directly to the cells.
  • How does Adoxy absorb into the cells?
    Adoxy can be absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly without going through the process of the digestive system since Adoxy has very tiny molecules that can pass through the tissues easily in liquid form.
  • How long can you keep Adoxy?
    Our clinical research reports that Adoxy can last as long as 25 years, and it increases the efficiency as the time is longer.
  • How to take Adoxy?
    Adoxy is a liquid form. You can drop Adoxy into a glass of clean water that you drink. And then stir to mix the water with a straw or spoon before drinking. Note: You can also use Adoxy externally, by dropping Adoxy mix with water in a spray bottle to spray various parts of your body such as, hair, skin, or wound.
  • Can we take Adoxy with the prescription and other supplements?
    Yes, you can take Adoxy along with other supplements and your prescription. From many experiences of Adoxy consumers reducing their prescriptions after taking Adoxy within 2-4 weeks. However, in the case of children and adults who have had chronic diseases should consult with your Doctor before taking Adoxy.
  • Can Adoxy harm you if you take it too much?
    Adoxy has natural ingredients. The body will store enough nutrients from Adoxy, and release the unnecessary amounts through urine.
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