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I'm Amy.

I would like to share the easy way to keep yourself healthy that will affect your well-being, and also I would like to encourage you to be a part of us in helping others to improve the quality of life. There are so many people who have less fortune than us around the world. We all can support them together through Adoxy. 

May you and your family be blessed with good health!

My Story

I am Amy C Jo. I was born and grew up in Thailand, then I moved to the USA in the year of 2003, and have been living in the USA for almost 20 years now. Cooking, serving, and sharing my food is one of my favorite things to do on earth, and I do that through volunteering in the kitchens of the local church and community. My favorite cooking dishes that have been asked for more are red, green, and pink (Panang) curry. I like many things in nature, and enjoy outdoor activities on a beautiful day. 

I am really excited to introduce you to one of my favorite dietary supplements from Thailand, “Adoxy'', which contains oxygen plus the special nutrients  in liquid form for the cells. I believe in living a healthy life. I have personally been taking Adoxy everyday for a long period of time now and know of its great benefits firsthand. I have become more energetic, feel less stressed, and have better concentration to perform various tasks on a busy day. I believe that my body systems have been working in harmony  since I have been taking Adoxy, I'm really happy with this supplement, and I would love for you to experience the same.

Adoxy can be taken along with any other supplements and it's good for everyone – those who are already in good health as well as those who are experiencing chronic diseases. In Thailand a lot of attention is paid to food and supplements. We have mostly organic ingredients, so you can be assured that Adoxy contains only natural elements that are safe and good for your body.

Adoxy has been well known in Thailand for the past 18 years. I have learned about it through my father.

About five years ago, my father started to have troubles with the nervous system around his lower spine. He lost the ability to stand and walk for almost a month, and had to go through various therapy sessions every week continually for almost a year. Furthermore, his last diagnosis in the year of 2019 from the doctor showed that he had early signs of Parkinson's disease. Fortunately, not too long later a friend of his recommended that he should try Adoxy. Since then the Parkinson's symptoms have been diminishing and completely gone, no more any signs of Parkinson, his nerve cells and  muscles cells have been stronger until he is able to swim once again, my father’s health has been improving each day. I am very happy to hear and see that my father's back in good health, and he continues to amaze me how he is becoming healthier everyday. He even looks younger and stays quite active for his age of 70 years old.  ( You can visit our face book Adoxy page that link from our website to see my father's pictures and videos at his present time to see how much his physical body has improved positively since he has taken Adoxy everyday. ) After experiencing such positive results from Adoxy which repairing his cells entire his body, my father decided to share this amazing supplement with other family members, his friends, and he received a lot of positive feedback from them as well. Lots of thanks to a friend of my father who recommended my father to try Adoxy which is an amazing supplement in liquid form that contains a high level of oxygen in small drops. 

My father’s dream has become to continue sharing this blessing with people around him, in Thailand and beyond. And since I’ve seen Adoxy in action, both in dramatically improving my father’s health, and having a positive impact on my own health, I decided it was time for me to join my father's dream and become his business partner. My vision is to share the blessings of good health through Adoxy, and also to give anyone the opportunity to join this thriving business. Adoxy’s mission is to share good news and help others who are in need. You can be one of us, please contact me directly to get more information.

Let's join me to spread the good news to others, Thank you!

“Stay Well, Stay Healthy, Stay with Adoxy!”

With Love,

--Amy C. Jo



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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